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Konferenz 2022

Konferenz 2022 - Higher Education 4 Future

What we have in mind is to bring together present or former teachers in the field and other people generally interested in the kind of higher education suitable to deal with the present pressing world problems. We would like to alert the latter to the fact that there exists a meanwhile traditional field of enquiry that tries to bind together findings from the various scientific disciplines – including the natural and the social sciences as well as the humanities – to arrive at coherent pictures of problems and possible solutions within the human-environment scenery. As we know this binding together is usually in need of a philosophical underpinning.

Part of the endeavor should be dedicated to the question of how education in human ecology differs from the study programs of sustainable development now installed at many universities. We would hope to be able to show that there is a need to found a college – better: colleges! – of human ecology in Europe.

A paradigmatic model for us is still the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA, offering a four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology and a two-year graduate program leading to a Master of Philosophy in Human Ecology. Consequently, the main purpose of the planned conference in 2022 is to create publicity for the college idea and to form a network of interested people ready to support a founding endeavor in one way or the other.