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- News -

The application process to join the summer university 2016 in Emmendingen

"The Future of Sustainable Food Business" starts on 2015, November 1st and is now on-line here.


- Quite Recently -

The first interntional Summer University closed on August, 22nd 2015. The closing event presents the successful rsults in an exhibition in the old meetinghall of Wehrle Werk AG Indistries.

During the international conference of the Society for Human Ecology en of October 2014 in Bar Harbor members of

the DGH-Committee and the College of Atlantic agree to lunch a summer university in 2015 in Emmendingen.

- Past

The Wehrle-Werk AG Emmendingen shows the synergy of college and factory

and presents a own study Machbarkeitstudie Wehrle 2025

May, 24th 2012 the

1. International College Forum Frankfurt took place

during the Global Business Week 2012 in

in the IHK Frankfurt am Main.

November 11th to 13th 2011 the

Annual Meeting of the Council for European Urbanism Germany

took place in the town hall of Emmending, to discuss

the Result of the Charrettee Emmendingen

Initiative for the foundation of a College of Human Ecology for Europe