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Alumni 2021

Alumni  Pogramm -
Einladung für TeilnehmerInnen der COHE Summer University für Praxisberichte


You have participated in a COHE Summer Program in Emmendingen in the last years. Since, our view on the world has evolved dramatically by a pandemic lockdown of life as we knew it, a president challenging the foundations of democracy and by generation Greta´s global climate initiative. We pursue the idea of an international conference on the topic of higher education in human ecology to be held in 2022. A sustainable transition to overcome outdated paradigms is required. Human ecology can be part of the solution, for which we plan to include your Real-Life experiences.

This coming August the European College of Human Ecology will start a new virtual program bringing together the international expertise of Human Ecology as basic knowledge for future agents of Transition. The bilingual program (English and German) will offer video streams, lectures, workshops and discussions covering the topics of Human Ecology.

Human Ecology as an overarching perspective enables students to become eager agents of change, with the capability to discover pathways of transition for societies and of transformation towards a more sustainable and resilient future. This will be geared towards the discovery of new responsible technologies, practices and methods in communities, ensuring solidarity and democratic reliability.

You are warmly invited to take an active part in this program with a talk/presentation or join the virtual seminars and workshops held on demand covering the following topics:

  • Human Ecology Reality Labs –How did Human Ecology influence your studies and career,
    Personal feedback, Thoughts and practical Experience of Change and Transition

To contribute please hand in your presentation as a video file (e.g. mp4, in English or German) with a duration of maximum of 15 minutes until May 31st 2021 to the Program-Board. Please add a short abstract with the full title, name(s), institutional affiliation(s) and email address(es) and one paragraph showing the relationship to human ecology. The board will review your contribution. The program is scheduled to start on August 1st 2021. It will be available online. Video conferences, Workshops and seminars on demand will follow up to discuss the issues of the presentations.

We solicit submissions as early as possible. This should help the board to identify emerging themes in time and to design the program. However, note that revisions are accepted.

Become a co-creator in an active community sharing the ideas of Human Ecology! It is our intention to bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers, students and practitioners who utilize or take interest in inter- and transdisciplinary human ecological approaches. We will discuss new challenges for academic work at universities and select the best presentations of the program 2021 as key notes and for workshops during an international conference planned for 2022.

We look forward to a broad and exciting international program with an excellent range of speakers, symposia, roundtables, workshops and individual presentations. You will find more information on our website www.coh-europe.de. For questions, refer to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Lörrach, Bonn, Berlin & Zürich, 3/1/2021  
Dr. Klaus Markus Hofmann (COHE, Universität  Freiburg, NETWORK Institute)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmaus (Alanus University)
Dr. Wolfgang H. Serbser (COHE, ProWB Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Steiner (COHE & em. ETH-Zürich)

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