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Program Overview


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Thursday, September 1st - Afternoon Sessions - Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) – Villa & Bank-Building

Location Time

Villa – Ballroom

Villa – Salon South

Villa – Salon North

Villa – Casino

Bank Building – Canteen


Afternoon Greeting: Conference Committee


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Organized Section 2

System Theory

Chair: F. Tretter

Contributions: T. Knoch, G. Harrer-Puchner, K. H. Simon, F. Tretter

Presentation Session 4


Chair: D. Marx

Contributions: G. Bersalli, I. Douglas, A.D. Henry, D. Marx

Small Roundtable 1

The Future of Human Ecology in Europe

Co-Chairs: Serbser, Steiner, Pires

Open Space


Co-Chairs: NN


Open Space


Co-Chairs: NN


Coffee Break



Roundtable 1

Visions for Environmental Learning

Chair: D. Steiner

Contributions: M. Thomashow, J. Schütz
Debaters: L. Andersen, H. Kopnina, U. Loening, P. Merry

Presentation Session 5

Environmental Justice

Chair: NN

Contributions: E. Acosta, N. Casil, F. Padilla

Open Space


Co-Chairs: NN

Open Space


Co-Chairs: NN


Open Space


Co-Chairs: NN





Panel Discussion 1: Atlantic Meeting

Moderation: R. Borden

Contributions: R. Borden, G. de Hees Negreiros, I.M. Pires, K. Hill



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Good Evening: Conference Team  


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Dinners in Potsdam taverns    


Please take into account that the locations and times in the program are still open to change. Slots marked with an * are still free for presentations and/or discussions


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