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Our Vision

Our Vision

The members of the initiative for the foundation of a Europen College for Human Ecology envision a world where people value creativity, intellectual achievement, and diversity of natural, cultural, and social spaces and their resources. With respect and compassion, individuals construct meaningful lives for themselves, gain appreciation for the relationships among all forms of life, and safeguard the heritage of future generations – natural, social, and cultural.

The College of Human Ecology aims to enrich the European higher education landscape by connecting the concept of human ecology – including its philosophical foundation, sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences – with the long tradition of fine and liberal arts. A human ecological perspective integrates knowledge from all academic disciplines and from personal experience to investigate, and ultimately improve, the relationships between human beings and our social and natural communities. The human ecological perspective guides all aspects of education, research, activism, and interactions among the College's students, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees.

With the foundation of the College the initiative wants to erect and found a community which encourages, prepares, and expects students to gain the expertise, breadth, values, and practical experience necessary to achieve individual fulfillment and to help solve problems that challenge communities everywhere.

We align our vision modeled by the College of the Atlantic (see the Catalogue 2010-2011 of the College of the Atlantic).