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Program 2021

International Online-Program - Summer 2021

Dear human ecology friend,

a year ago we got the idea of organizing an international conference on the topic of higher education in human ecology to be held in 2022 and a special summer university in 2021. Since our view on the world has been changed by generation Greta´s global climate initiative, by a pandemic locking down life as we knew it and a president challenging the foundations of democracy. A sustainable transition to overcome outdated paradigms is required. Human ecology can and must be part of the solution.

The Online Program in 2021

Now with the Corona situation lingering on we cannot be sure to be able to run the conference in a normal way next year. One way or the other we thought it advisable to plan for an international online-program starting August 2021. It is thought as a sort of a warm-up same time, and you are cordially invited to participate.

You find a description of the idea in the enclosed announcement. Your contribution can be a presentation or any lecture of an existing or former study program in human ecology with its merits and shortcomings or a particular topic deemed to be essential for an education in human ecology. Of course you are free to encourage colleagues in your circle of acquaintances, possibly interested but not currently on our mailing list, to participate as well.

By joining our program you will become a co-creator within a community that actively shares the ideas of Human Ecology. Please note that, in our planning, the summer program 2021 has the function of a warmup for an international conference on higher education in human ecology to be held next year, hopefully in the form of a real get-together. It is our intention to assemble this and next year a diverse group of educators, researchers, students and practitioners utilizing inter- and transdisciplinary human ecological approaches or being interested in them. We need them to discuss new challenges faced by the academic work at universities. The best presentations of the 2021 program will be considered as key notes or inputs to workshops at the 2022 conference.

Please find the call and further information about the online-program 2021 and the conference 2022 as well on the following pages.

Best regards and good luck