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Cost Analyses

Cost Analyses


The estimated construction costs of the variants were based on the German standards outlined in DIN 277. These standards subdivide the costs into the following groups (KG): demolition (KG 200), building construction (KG 300), mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services (KG 400), outdoor landscaping (KG 500), special constructions (KG 600) and professional fees (KG 700) which include the fees of architects, engineers, surveyor etc..

The prices of the properties (KG 100) of the different sites were only partly known and therefore excluded. Also excluded were the costs of cleaning up any potential contamination of the site as well as the costs for new utilities hook-ups. All prices include the German taxes.
The results show a clear ranking for the different sites:

- City Campus Wehrle-Factory: construction costs approximately 9.15 million Euro;

- City Campus Karl-Friedrich-Street: construction costs approximately 11.16 million Euro;

- Boarding Campus at the Center for Psychiatry: construction costs approximately 11.63 million Euro;

- Boarding Campus Hochburg-Seigniory: construction costs approximately 13.69 million Euro.