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European College of Human Ecology
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COHE members have addressed various topics on higher education in a dedicated session at the XXIV International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology in Brazil, October 17-23, 2021 and discussed them online with 60 connected participants.

Find the pre-recordings here


From August 31st to September 3rd, 2022, the international conference

"Facing the Future: Human Ecology and Higher Education"

in Potsdam will take place live and online simultaneously.
Please note this date

Preliminary information is available here

The members of the COHE will present their topics in a special section on the next XXIV international conference of the

Society for Human Ecology in Brasil from 17th to 23rd October 2021.

Find the pre-recordings here

On August 20, 2021, the international online program.
"Human Ecology - Basic Knowledge for Agents of Transition"
was opened with an online conference.


Since August 20, a number of presentations and lectures are already available on our website.
If required, we will be happy to offer online workshops, forums and seminars.

We are looking forward to further contributions, lectures and presentations.

The call for papers is available here.

Please register on the gatway pages for the Online Program 2021.





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- Quite Recently -

COHE is involved in two new research projects.
DiDaT explores the unseens of digitization under the leadership of the IASS in Potsdam and concludes the main phase with the publication of a white paper in March 2021. A follow-up and in-depth project is being planned.

The wind-climate-cooling tower project picks up on the students' idea from the 2018 summer program. Read more in the Research menu.

A cooperation for a joint study program was agreed with Alanus University in Bonn-Alfter at the beginning of 2019. By the end of 2019, the draft for a master's degree program "Human Ecology" was developed.

On July 13, 2020, the directors of the university presented the draft for a new master's degree program "Human Ecology and Philosophy of Social Innovation" at Alanus University in Bonn-Alfter.

On May 21, 2020, the managing directors of the university presented the draft for a new Master's program "Human Ecology and Philosophy of Social Innovation" during a videoconference on the occasion of the annual conference of the German Society for Human Ecology.

The draft and further development of the MA program will be presented here.

- Past -


COHE and Alanus University in Bonn-Alfter agreed a joint co-operation in 2019 to develop a joint Masterprogram. A first prospect should be writen until the end of 2019.

The III. international summer program in Emmendingen 
"Urban Concepts in Sustainable Transition"
has finished successful on 2018 August, 13th with the
presentation of the results at the Volkshochschule nördlicher Breisgau in Emmendingen. An Exhibition shows the results during September 2018.

All results are printed in the Charrette Book to download here.


From 2018 July 7th to 10th the XXIII conference of the Society for Human Ecology will be held in Lisbon . The European College of Human Ecology, official co-sponsor of the conference, will held a special symposium about "New Directions in Higher Human Ecology Education".

Please visit the SHE-Conference-Website.