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Site Selection Part 2

Site Selection Part 2


During the open discussion, a fifth location, the former Ramie-Factory, was added to the four sites previously mentioned (Manor-Hochburg, Center for Psychiatry, Wehrle-Werk Factory and Karl-Friedrich-High-School) and a spontaneous visit was organized.
The positioning of these sites laid to a systematic approach of the location.

After the visit, assessment criteria were developed and then discussed for each site during the public work session.

Values were assigned to the criteria, resulting in the systematic ranking of these sites from most to least favorable, reflecting the opinions of all those involved.

The results:

- There is no clear absolute favorite. All the sites have the potential for the college to be located and developed there.

- There are two preferred sites; Karl-Friedrich-High School and Wehrle-Werk factory. These were ranked higher than the others, and they should be examined further.


Thus this day of the Charrette resulted in the identification of preferred regional as well as specific local sites in Emmendingen for the location of the College. Both could now be used to develop the college concept and study program and to further study the various urban planning variants developed for the preferred sites.

At the end of this day, the participants stated that the Charrette was enrichment for the democratic culture in the city. They pointed out that the open discourse, without pre-ordained results but leading to productive solutions, should be a model for the further process of planning and founding of the college.