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OE Program Aug20

COHE – International Online-Program 2021
Human Ecology – Basic Knowledge for Agents of Transition

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Opening Conference – August 20th 2021


Morning Session 10 – 12 h            (GMT +02.00 Central European Summer Time)


Perspectives of Human Ecology in higher education | Markus Hofmann, COHE – Lörrach, Germany (Reception)





The online program 2021 - How it Works | Wolfgang H. Serbser, COHE – Berlin, Germany



Six impossible things before breakfast: Understanding the social and environmental impacts of everyday behaviour | Robert Dyball, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (Keynote 1)




The Shape of Human Ecology: A Bird´s Eye View of the Human Ecology Programs Worldwide | Iva Miranda Pires, Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugal (Keynote 2)



Human Ecology education for the Future. The world has changed dramatically | Ulrich Loening, University of Edinburgh – Scotland (Keynote 3)



End Morning Session

Afternoon Session 16 – 18 h            (GMT +02.00 Central European Summer Time)


Human Ecology at COHE – Basic knowledge for Agents of Transition - The MA Program - A Prospect | Wolfgang Serbser, COHE – Berlin, Germany (Introduction)



On the Interdisciplinary Foundations for Human Ecological Education | Richard J. Borden, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine USA (Keynote 4)



Human Ecology in Action : Reflections on the role of Higher Education in Community engagement, social Inclusion and Collaboration | Carla Gonzales Jimena, Portland State University, Oregon, USA and University of the Philippines Los Baños (Keynote 5)



Defying the Footprint Oracle: Implications for higher education | Mathis Wackernagel, Global Footprint Network – Oakland, USA, (Keynote 6)



Human Ecology Higher Education – A prospect for 2021 to 2022 | Dieter Steiner, COHE – ETH-Zurich, Switzerland (Welcome in the online program)



End Afternoon Session


Remark: the program respects the local time in Australia (18.30), Philippines (17.00), Oakland (8.00) and Bar Harbor (10.30).