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KN Andersen

Lene Rachel Andersen (Club of Rome, Kopenhagen)

Teaching for the job market or for citizenship and a meaningful life?

Once upon a time, Wilhelm von Humboldt invented the modern university: An intellectual hot spot that provided both academic excellence and rounded Bildung of the heart and mind. That was then. In the meantime, tertiary (and primary and secondary) education has increasingly become a pipeline for the job market. What did we lose, and can tertiary education become education for the whole person, for good citizenship, and a meaningful life? And what will happen, if we do not broaden and deepen the scope of education as we are facing the complexities and wicked problems of the 21st Century? In this keynote, I will introduce the Bildung Rose that may serve as a tool for re-inventing a broader and more complex tertiary education.



Teaching for the job market or for citizenship and a meaningful life? - Keynote


   Lene Rachel Andersen is an economist, author, futurist, Bildung activist, and a full member of the Club of Rome. After studying business economy for three years, she worked as a temp teacher before she studied theology. During her studies, she wrote entertainment for Danish television until she decided to quit theology, become a full-time writer, and focus on technological development, big history, and the future of humanity. Since 2005, Andersen has written 20 books and she has received two Danish democracy awards. Among her books are The Nordic Secret (2017), Metamodernity (2019), Bildung: Keep Growing! (2020), and What is Bildung? (2021).