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Site Selection Part 1

Site Selection Part 1


After a round of introductions, the participants (15 in average) described their expectations during the Open Space workshop. They wrote down onto paper their spontaneous ideas according to the subject matters and the spatial focus of a College of Human Ecology.
In doing this, a broad spectrum of ideas resulted which was used as a guideline for further discussions during the Charrette and afterwards. An approach was found to follow up with the next step: looking for regional and local locations which can be used as branches for teaching and research projects.


The next step was to work together on the
regional plan ”Dreilaendereck” to differentiate these local project locations in locations of learning and action.



As applied to the subject matters of human ecology they found:

A) Locations with a positive link and approach (reference/example character);

B) locations with critical relevance (conflicting character).

A long list was produced during this discussion about locations and locations, as well as potential partners.
This list and map were the first important results in finding an identity for a European College of Human Ecology whose character is defined by work that is project oriented.

Once the regional aspects were identified, the emphasis then shifted to analyzing suitable sites in Emmendigen to locate the College.